Things You Can Buy With Speed Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin, the evergreen digital currency, was created in 2009. According to global crypto adoption reports, over 420 million people worldwide now own this digital currency. This shows that a large section of the population believes in Bitcoin’s value. With this, there is an abundance of things that can be purchased using a Bitcoin wallet.

Speed- a lightning Bitcoin wallet that supports both online and offline transactions in BTC. Hence, there are a lot of opportunities for people to buy things using this. Let’s list some over here and find out what we can purchase with this digital currency using the Speed Bitcoin Wallet.

Everyday purchases to be made with Speed Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin’s day-to-day utility is now possible, and people can buy multiple things simply using a Bitcoin wallet. Like a physical currency, paying for everyday requirements with BTC can now be done with more ease and effortlessly.

• Online Shopping

Multiple marketplaces and online retailers have started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, allowing buyers to choose it during checkout. Over various e-commerce platforms, Bitcoin can be used to purchase everything they have, from clothes to electronics, jewelry, home appliances, etc.

• Food and grocery

From offline restaurants to online takeaways, convenience stores, and supermarkets, multiple service providers make it possible for you to pay with Bitcoin for your on-demand requirements. This makes it very convenient for you to avoid the hassle of maintaining cash when receiving deliveries. With the increased utilization of BTC, most supermarts have added Bitcoin to their mode of payment.

• Gifts and gift cards

Many gift card sites, like eGifter and Gyft, allow customers to purchase gift cards from a pool of various retailers using Bitcoin. Customers have the flexibility to spend their BTC tokens indirectly at the shopping stores. Some stores accept Bitcoin through their QR Codes, and hence, you can buy a gift using Bitcoin directly there.

• Paying Bills

Internet, cable, utility, cell phone services, and many more bills can be paid with Bitcoin. Service-providing companies collaborate with Bitcoin payment processor like Speed to enable pay with Bitcoin as a payment option. This saves a lot of time and transaction fees; other than that, the sent payments are optimized, too.

• Transportation Services

Public and pooled transportation services are now integrating with Bitcoin. People prefer to book flight tickets using Bitcoin. Some metro systems and toll roads in certain cities, such as New York’s MTA, allow passengers to pay with Bitcoin.

• Clothes and footwears

The fashion industry is flourishing nowadays due to the influential market showdown. Bitcoin has become a handy option for people to maintain their trendy status. Established clothing brands, labels, and boutiques have now started to accept direct Bitcoin payments for attire and fashion-associated accessories. Some Bitcoin processors have their own card that acts similar to MasterCard, and customers can easily pay using them.

• Books and educational courses

Distance and remote education have gained traction among students worldwide, especially after the recent pandemic. Bitcoin is a global currency, so its adoption is quite popular in this sector. The usage of digital currencies as payment methods for these services is also rapidly increasing. Accepting instant payments without cross-border issues makes it very convenient for tutors and students to connect.

Large purchases made through the wallet

Apart from daily life purchases, people make certain once-in-a-lifetime investments. These large purchases can be made effectively with Bitcoin. Some of the high-value invest-in are:

• Cars

From automatic to luxury cars, everyone who can afford them wants to invest. In the current market, many international companies do not trade with some markets directly due to financial restraints and transfer fee charges. Bitcoin came in handy in such conditions as it allows you to purchase the car of your dreams from global dealers.

• Real Estates

Real estate is one of the most considerable purchases in the list of large transactions. Buying property using Bitcoin is not widely adopted at this moment, but some platforms allow customers to pay with BTC. People are becoming more determined to use a Bitcoin wallet for this as it allows them to buy property faster, more privately, and without any bank delays, unlike traditional real estate financing.

• Luxury goods and services

Many luxury goods and service providers, like high-end retailers, jewelry dealers, watchmakers, etc., offer the ability to buy using Bitcoin. The holders of the digital wallet prefer large and anonymous purchases for such services. Bitcoin does not require any associated personal information; hence, the transactions are less prone to being flagged as suspicious, which is very common in cash or card transactions.

• Flight tickets and travel

For the travel industry, Bitcoin is a viable payment method; some of the leading travel booking sites integrate Bitcoin payments with wallet apps. Using BTC, one can easily book flights, rental cars, cruises, and travel tickets. People who travel on short notice find it very useful because credit cards may put large transfers on hold until they are fully validated.

• Smartphones and gadgets

Year after year, the market for electronic gadgets and smartphones is on the rise. With an intense domination of Apple and Android products, the global market is becoming more adaptable to various payment methods. Bitcoin, being a worldwide accepted currency, is best suited for buying high-value gadgets. Newly launched products that are country-specific can also be bought directly with the help of Bitcoin without waiting for their release in your specific demographic zone.

• High premium insurances

From health to property, insurance is a backup plan for any mishaps that people encounter. When insurance covers a high-risk asset, the premium for that is high, too. Card companies sometimes don’t allow such large transactions to pass through, which creates difficulties in timely settlements. Bitcoin can conduct risk-free and on-time transactions, allowing the premium process to run smoothly. There is no track of the amount you transfer through the Bitcoin blockchain.

• 5 Star hotel stays

Bitcoin is a blessing for international travelers as it is a cross-border currency and does not need conversion or card transfers. People can pay directly for their accommodation in any country at any time without converting their currency and paying more charges. Bitcoin keeps your payment history a secret, and no one can track where you have made the transaction or which country you are in.

• Furniture and home interiors

From antique interior designs to lavish furniture, Bitcoin can be used to pay for everything. Some stores or home interior studios directly accept BTC as a mode of payment, while at others, you can utilize your gift cards for shopping. From Pottery Barn to Home Depot, there are various stores where you can find the best for your needs. With a Bitcoin wallet app like Speed, you can turn your Bitcoins into beautiful furniture that accessories your house.

High-value assets to buy with Bitcoin Wallet

Some assets have a high valuation, and conducting their transactions effectively through a traditional method is not possible. There is a long waiting period for clearance while Bitcoin sorts out the things, making them easier to access.

• Boats and Yachts

From rental yacht services to buying one, you can make your dream come true with Bitcoin. Companies must integrate with Bitcoin wallets, allowing customers to rent or invest in their superyachts. Bitcoin will enable us to get these services fast and efficiently without waiting for the card providing financial services.

• Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Bitcoin can be used to buy cut stones, diamonds, and gold jewelry. Some retailers directly deal with BTC and accept the currency in exchange for their precious gemstones and jewelry. Others trust wallet integrations and deal with Bitcoin Cards and exchanges. Purchasing jewels with Bitcoin makes the process safe, fast, and easy.

• Paintings and artworks

Major auction houses and galleries for fine art purchases accept Bitcoin for their collectibles and high-value artworks. Many high-profile and anonymous collectors want the privacy benefits and discretions they get by paying through Bitcoin. Without getting help from traditional financing, millions of dollars of paintings, sculptures, and artworks can be instantly transacted using Bitcoin.

• Investment in commercial properties

Some big-ticket items, like commercial properties and offices for personal use, can be easily obtained through Bitcoin, making all transactions possible without any financing agency. Digital currency also enables one-time payment, and there are no government or taxes involved when signing the deal.

• Private Jets

Luxury is the new statement for people wanting to live upscale. You can buy your private jet or high-value goods associated with it using Bitcoin. Using BTC for expensive services makes purchases faster and more convenient. It also prevents the involvement of third parties in such higher-end transfers.


The variety of goods and services we can access through Bitcoin is growing substantially as its legitimacy grows. This advanced digital currency makes everything possible, whether a small daily usage item or a high-value asset. Companies are integrating with Bitcoin wallets such as Speed to expand their growth even further. Buying things with a wallet app provides flexibility, privacy, and convenience without restrictions on credit cards or bank accounts. The Speed Bitcoin wallet simplifies large online purchases and cross-border transactions.

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