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Buy gift cards from the brands you love from Speed Wallet. From Amazon to Netflix, we offer a wide range of brands in one app. Earn rewards on every gift card you purchase from Speed.

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Whether you need mobile phone top-ups or an Uber ride home, Speed Wallet has gift cards for all your everyday needs.

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Buy gift cards instantly from your wallet account.

  • Choose a brand and enter the desired amount

  • Pay to get brand gift card and earn Speed Rewards

  • Shop using the Gift card

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

Buying a gift card from Speed Wallet is simple and straightforward. 1. Select your gift card along with the desired value. 2. Proceed to make the payment directly from the wallet. 3. Once the payment is made, the digital gift card code should arrive within a few moments. and you will be emailed a copy too.

You can shop gift cards from an entire catalogue of brands with cryptocurrency. Some of the most popular brands include Amazon, Sephora, Maycs, Uber, Walmart, Spotify, Netflix and many more.

Yes, you earn Speed rewards on every spend you make using our wallet. Speed Rewards on every spend, whether it’s for a cup of coffee or sending it to your family. You earn Speed reward on every 1000 SATs per transaction.

No. Speed Rewards never expire. You can convert them to SATS whenever you want via the Speed app once you reach the required redemption limit.
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