Speed Launches Bitcoin Wallet Rewards

Bitcoin is booming, and Speed Bitcoin Wallet is making it even more rewarding! Introducing Speed Rewards by Speed Bitcoin Lightning Wallet, customers nowadays are tired of loyalty programs that offer chump changes, while Speed Bitcoin Wallet lets you earn Speed rewards that can be redeemed for real Bitcoin (SATs) with every purchase.

All that people want is to be more and more benefited by transacting in Bitcoin. Here’s the scoop.

How do the rewards function?

  • Earn: Just use the Speed Bitcoin Wallet app for your everyday transactions and watch the Speed Rewards roll in.
  • Redeem: You can redeem the Speed Rewards in exchange for Bitcoin SATs once you have reached the minimum rewards in your wallet account. 
  • Level Up for Bigger Rewards: The more you spend, the higher your tier and the more SATs you earn per purchase. From “Welcome” to “Platinum,” there’s a level for everyone.
  • Spend Your Rewards, Anytime: With Speed, none of your rewards expire. Redeem your rewarded SATs whenever you want for more shopping, investment, or HODLing.

Ditch those old-age rewards programs and start getting rewarded in real Bitcoin SATs. Download “Speed Wallet” today!

Multiple tier levels by Speed Rewards

Yes, Speed Wallet rewards let you be gifted with Speed Rewards, which can be later redeemed for real Bitcoin SATs for every transaction you make using the app.Tier status is evaluated each month based on your transaction volume. The next tier is activated as soon as you hit the threshold and is valid till the end of next month

• Welcome tier

Welcome to Speed Wallet. When you sign up with Speed Bitcoin Wallet, you enter the welcome tier. Every 1,000 Bitcoin SATs you spend gets you closer to your earning overspending. Until you reach a transaction threshold of 0.1 BTC, you will be rewarded according to the rules of this tier.

• Bronze tier

Now, Step up to Bronze. Spend over 0.1 BTC a month and watch your rewards double. That’s right, in the Bronze tier, you earn 2 Speed rewards for every 1000 SATs you spend. Keep spending via Speed Wallet and rack up even more Bitcoin SATs for your everyday purchases. This tier is perfect for those who are just getting started with Bitcoin rewards and want to see them grow quickly.

• Silver tier

Hit the Silver Tier in the wallet and watch your rewards stack. Spend between 0.4 BTC and 0.6 BTC in a month and unlock 3 Speed rewards for every 1000 sats you transact. That’s like getting a bonus every time you shop using a Speed Wallet!

• Gold tier

The gold standard for all of you. Spend over 0.6 BTC a month and unlock the Gold tier! Here, you earn a whopping 4 Speed rewards for every 1000 sats spent. Finding rewards as tickets in your wallet with every purchase is what we say about this advanced level.

• Platinum tier

The Platinum tier is for the Bitcoin community’s high rollers. If you spend more than 1 Bitcoin using the Speed Wallet, you’ll unlock the ultimate rewards: 5 Speed rewards for every 1000 SATs spent. That’s the most SATs back on every purchase, with no spending limit! This tier is all about maximizing your Bitcoin rewards, so go forth and achieve this tier.

Wrapping up

At Speed, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our users’ experiences. The Speed Rewards program is a testament to that commitment, and we are excited to see how it benefits our users. With Speed Rewards, users can now earn rewards on every transaction they make within the Speed Bitcoin Lightning Wallet ecosystem. 

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